Doctor Think Healthy – your health in a bottle

Our products, being organic and entirely natural, are at the same time full of nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances are essential for the proper functioning of your body. You can find them all in Think Healthy. We are proud of our Polish superfruit, aronia (chokeberry).

However, we don’t forget about the (un)usual Polish apple. Why look far away and duplicate the same patterns when here, in Poland, we have the best for your health? By choosing Think Healthy you can be a step closer to the better tomorrow. It’s so easy!

The old English proverb states: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. At Bio Poland, we also adhere to this principle and focus on transparency and simplicity, which is why a large part of our products are based on the number one Polish fruit: apple, known from centuries. Our ancestors already appreciated its extraordinary nutritional value. We want to follow their example and use the knowledge accumulated over hundreds of years to create the best.


Strengthens immunity

We are exposed to infections every day, especially in autumn and winter. Our apple-based juices are a recipe for health. They will protect you from viruses! 

Protects against atherosclerosis and heart attacks

Pectin in apples reduce the absorption of cholesterol, which significantly contributes to reducing the risk of a stroke or atherosclerosis.

Makes your skin look better

The procyanidins in apples have many times greater antioxidant capacity than vitamin C or E. It is vitamin C that is key in the production of collagen which has a positive effect on our skin.

Prevents colon cancer

Thanks to the fiber content, apples regulate intestinal peristalsis and help keep it in good condition, while also protecting against colon cancer and other serious intestinal diseases.

Regulates blood sugar level

The glycemic index of apples is lower than 40, which means that in moderate amounts they are also safe for people suffering from diabetes. Additionally, the fiber in apples contributes to the regulation of blood sugar level.

Recommended for smokers

Apples cleanse the body of toxins: fiber binds heavy metals into insoluble salts, which are then extracted by our body. Therefore, people who smoke regularly should reach for these fruits.